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energy for the alpha state

We offer sound massage on the bodypower sound couch or sound chair for a different kind of body massage.

With an extra special all-round sound thanks to the second sound instrument (monochord).

Resting on the bodypower sound couch/chair

you will be able to feel the soothing effect as soon as you hear the first vibrant sounds
your whole body with all its limbs and organs will harmoniously be set vibrating
stronger breathing will induce the effect of increased oxygen absorption right down to your cells
tense muscles will relax and blocked energy will be set free
it will send you on a trance-like sound journey through your own body after only a few minutes
you will find yourself in an alpha state
The bodypower sound couch/chair has been used professionally and succesfully for cardiovascular problems, stress symptoms, chronic pain, sleep, speech and breathing disorders, emotional tension and other health problems

On the bodypower sound couch/chair, you do not experience the sound only through your ears, acoustically, but at the same time and especially in the form of "vibro-acoustics" throughout your entire body. Your perception turns inward; the sound themselves become a physical-mental-spiritual experience. You feel weightless, as if ocean waves were washing over you. Your pulse and breathing deepen. Previous burdens disappear, your life energy begins to flow. Your body's own healing powers are activated

Duration of the treatment 30 minutes including resting time total cost €  29,--