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reactivate your own energy resources

For pregnant women and their unborn child, I offer up to seven months in a soothing and beneficial for development sound massage.

Self-healing sensations will be stimulated..

The tense body of pregnant women relaxes through the sound massage. Your body becomes more sensitive. This will strongly support you and your child.

In contrast to traditional singing bowls massage, in the sound chair massage by Vida Smith, there is nothing put on the body.
The sound bed that can also be converted to a chair. It is comparable to a combination of harp and guitar. Mrs. Smith plays this "harp guitar bed" very sensitively and gently. Pressure points on the body are avoided. The body gets into a vibration resulting from the resonant sound of the wooden body. The body does not come in contact with any metal, the body is fully clothed.

This massage stimulates the metabolism as well as the biological dynamics of the body.

The standard position of the body will be strongly supported. Vida Smith with soft, gentle humming, this meditative, inspiring and relaxing journey of the senses.