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We are now in Esslingen am Neckar, a beautiful city.

More energy for people who have to concentrate at their work.

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Appointments by telephone arrangement:

       0176 22 35 39 15

What others are saying:

"I liked the massage from Vida a lot. After i woke up, I felt revitalized and relaxed."

"Complete relaxation is guaranteed. Vida massages as if she was meditating with your body. She took the tiredness out of my body and filled me with new, powerful energy."

"I was in pain, but after the massage I felt way better."
Do you sit or stand a lot at work?
Has it been a long time since you last went on a relaxing vacation?

I am blind and see with my fingers (Vida Sakpah, bodypower Stuttgart)

bodypower is a
regeneration and whole-body wellness massage
bodypower is a
sound massage with the bodypower sound couch and bodypower sound chair
What is special about bodypower
All-round sound by using a second body sound instrument
stress reducing
You will be massaged for two hours while lying on your back and your stomach during a whole-body massage.